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Welcome to Linda Edwards Sports!

We really appreciate you taking the time to visit our website and for considering us for all your Sports Apparel and Equipment needs.

You will find not only the highest quality items but terrific service, follow up and excellent pricing. We more than compete in all these areas. Many of the items we provide to companies, teams and individuals include but are not limited to: sports clothing, sport accessories, clothing, hats, shoes, accessories,Golf, golfing, golf apparel, golf shoes, golf balls, golf tees, golf towels, golf hat, hats, golf shirt, shirts, golf spikes, sports caps, visors, hunting apparel, hunting clothes, swimming apparel, swim suits, racing suits, swim accessories, swimming accessories, swim goggle, goggles, swim straps, swim bag, other sports bags, swim sandals, swim blankets, jerseys, coaching supplies, coaching accessories, coaching equipment, sports, sports equipment, and virtually any other sports supplies.

Our mission is simple and our clients will testify: "We specialize in serving you and your needs."

Thank you for stopping by.

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